Pierre Huyghe «The Scintillating Expedition» (L'Expedition scintillante) 2002.

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Pierre Huyghe, L'Expedition scintillante 2002
In December 2002, Pierre Huyghe created L'Expedition Scintillante: A Musical at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, the first stage of a much larger project. Using the three different floors of the building, he created three different environments which reflected three acts in a musical. In January 2005 Huyghe will undertake the second part of the project. Together with a group of like-minded artists, he will chart a boat for one month in the Antarctic. The final part of the project will be presented at the Musee D'Art Moderne in Paris and at the Tate Gallery, London in 2006. publicartfund.org some online info sources for L'Expedition scintillante: In the installation L'expedition scintillante, Act 2 (2003), Pierre Huyghe creates a model of a concert stage where beams of light dance. A mist marks their passage and creates a sense of expectation in the viewer, evoked by an empty stage oriented toward a musical "elsewhere."

source: artdaily.com

Pierre Huyghe, L'Expedition scintillante 2002

A significant, albeit little known antecedent is the Dimensionist Manifesto, published in 1936 by the Hungarian poet Károly (aka Charles) Sirato and signed by Arp, Delaunay, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy, and Picabia, among others. The Dimensionist Manifesto was published in Paris as a loose sheet attached to the magazine Revue N + 1. Its most ambitious proposal is four-dimensional sculpture: «Ensuite doit venir la creation d'un art absolument nouveau: l'art cosmique (Vaporisation de Ia sculpture, theatre Syno-Sens - denominations provisoires). La conquête totale de l'art de l'espace à quatre dimensions (un 'Vacuum Artis' jusqu'ici). La matière rigide est abolie et remplacée par des matériaux gazéfiés. L'homme au lieu de regarder les objets d'art, devient lui-même le centre et le sujet de la création, et la création consiste en des effets sensoriels dirigés dans un espace cosmique fermé. This anticipatory vision would become a reality not only through the use of vapors and gases as new art materials (Pierre Huyghe's L'Expédition Scintillante, Act II: Untitled (light show), 2002, comes to mind).

sources: ekac.org, publicartfund.org