Piero Manzoni «Line of Infinite Length» 1960.

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Piero Manzoni, Line of Infinite Length, 1960
Line of Infinite Length, 1960
solid wood, label.

«The disappearance of the artwork as literal object is clearly displayed in the «Line of Infinite Length» («Linea di lunghezza infinita»): the container, a solid wooden cylinder resembling the Lines'ordinary cardboard tubes, seals and hides an ideal line existing only as a metaphysical speculation.»

Piero Manzoni, Line 12.4m., 1960
Piero Manzoni, Line 12.4m., 1960
Line 12.40m., 1959
ink on paper in cardboard cylinder.

Piero Manzoni, Line M 11, 1959
Line M 11, 1959.

«The work consists of a single line drawing on paper, rolled up and placed in a black cardboard cylinder, labelled and signed by the artist. Manzoni reiterated several times that the work should only be sold and exhibited contained in the sealed tube. Therefore the spectator cannot see the work of art, deprived of its visibility.»

Piero Manzoni, Line 1000m, 1961
Line 1000m., 1961.

«I would also like to draw a white line around the entire Greenwich Meridian!» ~ Piero Manzoni.

Piero Manzoni, 7200 m. Line, 1960
7200 Meter Line, 1960
Herning, Denmark.

«On July 4 1960, between 4 and 6.55 pm, Piero Manzoni executed a 7,200 metres long Line at a newspaper mill in Herning, Denmark. The Line, enclosed in a cylindrical lead container and interred in the Herning Kunstmuseum's gardens, should had been the first of a series of extra-long Lines placed in each of the principal cities of the world, in order to equal, with the sum of their length, the earth's circumference.»

«At the beginning of 1959 I carried out my first lines, at first short, then longer and longer, the longest one I have done to date is 7,200m. All these lines are placed in sealed containers.» ~ Piero Manzoni.

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