Huang Yong Ping «A Football Match June 14th 2002» 2003.

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Huang Yong Ping, A Football Match June 14 2002, 2003
A Football Match of June 14 2002, 2003
Galerie Beaumontpublic, Luxembourg.

Early in 1992, in his exhibition The House of Oracles, Huang Yong Ping showed an installation piece demonstrating the inevitability of the first Iraq war. In a more recent work, A Football Match of June 14, 2002, he refers directly to the American-led war to liberate Afghanistan from the hands of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, showing how this liberation has provoked a veritable clash of civilizations. The work consists of a football field on which armed American solders are shown playing against veiled Afghan women in the shadow of a huge meteorite that looms over their heads, surrounded by hundreds of bats. As the artist has stated, this is a dreamlike image of the world we are living in today. ~ Hou Hanru