Arthur Shilstone «Positioning Spacelab 1»

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Positioning Spacelab 1

This scene shows the Spacelab module being lowered into the payload bay of the orbiter Columbia at the orbiter processing facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Spacelab module was outfitted with its scientific instrument at the operations and checkout building nearby.
The Spacelab, once lowered into Columbia's cargo hold, is then attached firmly to the bulkhead points inside the bay. Plumbing attachments for the cabin atmosphere and electrical and communications plug are connected between the spacelab and the Orbiter making the two into a single, dedicated scientific orbiter.

Arthur Shilstone, Wiring the Spacelab Pallet
Wiring the Spacelab Pallet

This painting shows workers in the operations and checkout Building. Kennedy Space Center, Florida, wiring the Spacelab pallet. The pallet is an element of the spacelab system and allows instruments to be directly exposed to space the workers are stringing wiring harnesses from instruments to associate electronics packages on the floor of the pallet itself.
Once the wiring is complete, the pallet will be installed to the habitable module and those two elements connected electrically and mechanically to the orbiter Columbia in the orbiter Processing Facility, located nearby.