Michael Klant «Florida Sky Piece» 1999.

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Michael Klant, Florida Sky Piece
Florida Sky Piece, 1999.

A picture of the sky above the German Schwarzwald was flown through the skies of Florida (German Sky Piece). In 1999 the artist Michael Klant arranged that a banner with a picture of Florida skies was flown over the Schwarzwald (Florida Sky Piece).

Michael Klant, Florida Sky Piece
If you looked up towards the clouds Saturday, you might have seen an odd sight: a 20-by-60-foot chunk of German sky. Usually the region's skies are filled with banners advertising shrimp baskets and happy hours - overhead billboards pulled by small planes. But for a few hours Saturday afternoon, a plane pulled a banner painted white and deep blue to represent the German sky for Michael Klants German Sky Piece. Klant, a professor at the Institute of Art in Freiburg, Germany, said this perfomance piece serves as commentary about life cycles and international relations... «There are no boundaries in the sky,» Klant said. His work reflect that spirit. ~ Thus Rueter

source: michaelklant.de