Wenyon and Gamble «Space Waves» 2000.

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Space Waves, 2000

In the archives of the Observatory Library, Wenyon & Gamble came across various photographs of the moon and planets made by astronomers at the Haystack in 1968 who worked on the Apollo space mission.
Like their discovery of the unattributed art in Newton's drawings for his Opticks, they realized, as they put it, that these 'hand-made photographic mosaics of the moon grew out of a struggle to see both high-resolution and the bigger picture which brings scientists close to the process by which an artist traditionally works. Rather than being seduced by technology's gambit -- its magical and spectacular products -- this collaborative artistic team has been drawn to the history of science, specifically, since 1986, to the study of astronomy and its practitioners, findings, innovations and instruments. ~ 2000 Debra Bricker Balken.

source: wengam.com
Photographs and Holograms from the MIT Haystack Radio Observatory