Steve Roden «The Moon gatherers (second version)» 2002.

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Steve Roden, The Moon gatherers (second version)
The Moon gatherers (second version), 2002.

This second version of The Moon gatherers was created for a solo exhibition at gallery e/static in torino italy. Ever since i began to explore the work with speakers in bottles, inspired by a collage object by joseph cornell of a bottle with a photo of the moon inside, i was interested in the different sounds that the speakers/bottles made when they were hung above with the large opening facing the listener, or when they were standing on the ground - so that the listener would hear the sound coming through the small opening at the top.

For the first version, at the armory center for the arts in pasadena - a public space; it seemed ideal to hang the bottles from trees - not only as an aesthetic decision, but because the sound would be a bit louder and would tend to drip like water onto the heads of unsuspecting passers by. For the torino work, and the intimate space of a gallery; i wanted the listener to have to be very close to the objects before the sound could be heard - to create a small reflective pool within the gallery space.
The sound source for the work is a series of 8 channels of acoustic and electronically processed sounds of the bottles being tapped, blown, and played with a violin bow. These sounds were then transferred to 4 channels of 24 minutes running at different speeds so that the piece slowly changes for every 'viewing'.

Steve Roden, The Moon gatherers (second version)
Steve Roden, The Moon gatherers (second version)
Steve Roden
The Moon gatherers (second version), 2002
e/static gallery, Torino Italy
June - September 2002.