Thomas Ruff «Star series» 1990.

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Stern, 05h 12m 70, 1990.

Thomas Ruff's Star series consists of giant prints made from negatives supplied by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), an international research center situated in the Atacama Desert of Chile. The pitch-darkness of outer space and the whiteness of stars stand in sharp contrast.
Thomas Ruff in interview with Philip Pocock, Düsseldorf, 1993: Ruff: «When I was eighteen I had to decide whether to become an astronomer or a photographer. I also wanted to move the so-called künstlerische Fotografie boundary. Do you know Flusser? He defines isolated categories for photography that sometimes cross over. For example, if medical photography is used in a journalistic way, or with the Stars, a scientific archive isn't used for scientific research but for my idea of what stars look like. It's also a homage to Karl Bloßfeldt. In the twenties he took photographs of plants to explain to his students architectural archetypes. So he was a researcher but the way he represented his intention with the help of photography made him an artist. I like these crossovers.»
Courtesy: Zwirner & Wirth.

Stern 17h 51m /-22, 1990.


Thomas Ruff, Eclipse

Star Series, 1990.