Vadim Fishkin «Kaplegraf - Zero Gravity» 2003.

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Vadim Fishkin, Kaplegraf
Kaplegraf - Zero Gravity, 2003.

Kaplegraf is a device, that can translate a data originating from various sources into the 'drops' language.
The drops could react in different rhythm and duration. In normal gravity, the Kaplegraf translates a time based substance (sound-voice) into a more substantial, but still ephemeral substance (drops of water). In the zero gravity conditions the drops remain floating.

Vadim Fishkin, Kaplegraf
Kaplegraf - Zero Gravity, 2003
water drops, sound, microgravity, parabolic 'zero gravity' flight,
Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City, 2003
drop rhythm: Tomaz Grom
special thanks to: Bojan Vukovic, Bogo Pecnikar
* the project realized in the frame of MIR (Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research) Campagne 2003.

Vadim Fishkin, Kaplegraf