Vadim Fishkin «Sun Stop» 2003.

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Vadim Fishkin, Sun Stop
Sun Stop, 2003.

The Sun is projected from approximately the same spot of the sky - for instance just shortly before the sun set. The cameras are set around the globe with the possibility to switch from one location to the other each half hour in order to «keep the Sun in the same spot.»

Vadim Fishkin, Sun Stop
Sun Stop, 2003
screens, video, computers system.

Sun Stop is dedicated to A.L. Chizevsky, Russian scientist and thinker, born 7th February 1897 and today known as founder of Heliobiology, the scientist that first started of to elaborate the dependence of all living processes on Earth, biological and social, from the activity of the Sun.

Special thanks to: Miha Grcar (computers programing), While True d.o.o.
producer: Association DUM (Ljubljana)
supported by: Ministry of Culture of Russia / Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia / The City Council of Ljubljana, Department of Culture
courtesy Galerija Gregor Podnar (Ljubljana)
* the project launched on the exhibition Berlin-Moscow / Moscow-Berlin, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, 2003