Richard Clar «Future Body Lab - Interstellar Message Composition» 2006.

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Richard Clar, New Butoh Space Dance
New Butoh Space Dance, 2006
with Tetsuro Fukuhara.

The concept for New Butoh Space Dance Interstellar Message Composition will use music, dolphin sounds, dance, and two technologies: Motion Capture and Stereolithography. We will propose several environmental designs about the earth and the outer space from the view points of body, information and city.
Fukuhara and Clar met in Paris in June where Fukuhara was performing the New Butoh Space Dance. Until that meeting the music/dance portion of the IMC was not decided. After seeing and experiencing the electrifying performance of Fukuhara, there was no question in Clar's mind that the artistry of Fukuhara would be ideal for the IMC project. The two artists met several times in Paris after Fukuhara's performance, established a rapport, and decided to collaborate on the New Butoh Space Dance Interstellar Message Composition.
As the project is developing for the IMC performance, motion capture will be used to record the movements of Fukuhara as he responds to music, dolphin sounds, and to the physical performance space that surrounds him. The final portion of the New Butoh Space Dance Interstellar Message Composition will utilize Stereolithography STL slice files of a CT scan or functional MRI of Fukuhara's skeleton with the motion capture points indicated.
In addition to the music and dance, the transmission of these STL slice files would enable the receiver of the IMC to faithfully produce a highly accurate 3-D model of a human skeleton thereby providing a wealth of unambiguous information about the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Richard Clar, New Butoh Space Dance

As our first event of this project, we will hold Space Dance, Dance+Robot+Universe 2006 in Tokyo on March 2006. Then, we will hold this event in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Athens, Toronto, New York, and other cities 2006. Through this project we will create new dance scene as one of post-modern dances, new space art scenes, new music scenes; and for today's society, new presentations for art, science, and social designs. We think that today's society should be changed into a more comfortable, creative, natural technological and peaceful world. With these kinds of new dance & design projects we believe we can realize its conditions based on our body and based on our individualities. So we would like to find the participants from several departments, dance, architecture, design, information, film, sound, costume; and also scientist, technicians, researchers, journalists for this challenging project.