Aleksandra Mir «Garden of Rockets» 2005.

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Aleksandra Mir, Garden of Rockets
Garden of Rockets (1-4), 2005
mixed media

Rockets made out of household items: Storage cannisters, jewellery, makeup, food, cups and cans. Nuclear missile models made of stacked consumer goods by Aleksandra Mir, stacked like building blocks, nothing but gravity holds them together.
A housewife's simple distraction, her predicament and dream of breaking out.

Aleksandra Mir, Garden of Rockets
Sarah Gavlak and Aleksandra Mir visiting the Garden of Rockets,
John F. Kennedy Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 2004.

Courtesy: Garden of Rocket images, 'Bond of Love',
curated by Lisa Kirk at John Connelly Presents, NYC, 2005.