Aleksandra Mir «First Women on the Moon» 2004.

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First Woman on the Moon, 1999.

In 1999 on a Dutch beach, Aleksandra Mir constructed a lunar landscape out of sand, erected an American flag on the highest peak, and declared herself «The First Woman on the Moon.«

First Woman on the Moon, 1999.

First Woman on the Moon is a case in point. With only a shoe-string budget to work with, Mir convinced fifty volunteers, a steel factory and two municipalities to help her turn an empty stretch of Dutch coastline into a lunar landscape to stage the landing of the first female astronauts several of the girls working on the production dressed up in space age outfits), greeted by a bank of television cameras who had been invited to come and record this faux-historic event. Later that afternoon the moonscape was razed and the beach returned to its usual state. The huge motivating effort involved was short-lived but effective, as the wide spread media coverage showed. In such situations, Mir acts as the catalyst, motivating the diverse groups with an infectious enthusiasm that underlines the seriousness with which she undertakes these ambitious projects. ~ Kirsty Bell, Camera Austria, Novembre, 2004.