Robert E. Gilbert, Outer Space Art

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Robert E. Gilbert, Alien landscape
Alien landscape, 1978
12" by 16"

The Outer Space Art of Robert E. Gilbert: From the 1950's through the '70's Robert E. Gilbert (or REG, as he often signed himself) was a prolific contributor of art to science fiction fan magazines.

He also published several stories, at least one in Galaxy. The work for the fanzines was pen and ink, to show up with the inexpensive reproduction techniques, but he also did a large number of paintings in oil, pastels, and watercolors. In addition, from the 1940's through the 80's he did a lot of non-science fiction art, experimenting with traditional and non-traditional styles.

Robert E. Gilbert, Spaceship, aliens and alien landscape
Spaceship, aliens and alien landscape, 1980
9" by 11 1/2"
pastels on textured construction paper