Mariko Mori «Beginning of the End and Body Capsule » 2000.

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Mariko Mori, Beginning of the End, Gizeh 2000
Gizeh, Egypt.

Mariko Mori, is her own model after refusing to become a movie actress. She writes poems and is now a star of the art world. In «Beginning of the End», she shows herself in a transparent capsule placed before some of the most famous monuments of the world such as the pyramids in Egypt or Times Square in New York.

She said she wanted to reduce the gap between the West and the East, the present and the future adding that her performances were like peace missions at a time when our society made of giant cities has become a chaos orchestrated by new technologies. «In placing myself in a meditating position in a capsule, I am aiming at giving a certain conscience to the viewer. I am in fact trying to rediscover some harmony between the spirit and what is material», she pointed out.

Mariko Mori, Beginning of the End, Gizeh 2000

Stressing that she believed in the power of art and artists, she explained that she was using new technologies much in order to create imaginary and virtual spaces. «I am not mad about the Internet though I think it is difficult to do without it. In fact, I am creating a new world and new realities... My last work is less virtual but laying down in a capsule, I am also expression an internal world», she said.

«It’s quite difficult to find oneself in a culture dominated by the West. For the past ten years, I have shared my time between Tokyo and New York but my time is not linear like that of a watch but rather intertwined. I have lost contact with my culture and wherever I am I observe the world like an outsider. I have noted that Asian traditions have been disappearing as my generation is much marked by the Western world. Thus I feel the need to return to some traditional practice», she said.

Asked why she was posing as a model in her installations, she replied that she had been a fashion model at 16 and then a designer. «Posing as model was obvious in my mind and I consider my body as a tool to communicate with the world,» she summed up.
Mariko Mori said her photographs were costly because she needed to travel and work with as much as eight people notwithstanding the fact that she has to conceive her capsule and ship it to different parts of the planet.