Pierre Comte «Prisma» 2001.

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Pierre Comte, Signature Terre
Prisma, 2001.

As a demonstration of the aesthetic advantage offered by micro-gravity, a Zero G. Art object has no significance on the ground, flattened as it is by the earth's gravitational pull. It can only come to life in a situation of weightlessness, becoming a kinetic, tactile and playful object.
It acquires total freedom of movement and deployment (thanks to its articulations) in every direction of space. The only source of energy comes from the stretching out of the astronauts' hands. Apparently, they have great fun with PRISMA, which has remained in the ISS since Claudie Haigneré took it there in 2001. The object's name derives from the seven colours revealed by a prism that breaks down light from the sun and all the stars.
Source: spacearts.info