Carsten Höller «Film of Points» 1998.

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The tape shows a dancing couple, abstractly represented by white points.
Gradually the points grow pale until only a single point remains before the black background. But then all the points appear anew, and the roundelay of dancing points starts all over.

Film of Points, 1998
© Carsten Höller

Since the inception of his artistic career in 1988, Cartsen Höller has rejected any specific artistic identity, creating works that range from films, drawings, architectural plans, and photographs, to performances, sculptures, and installations. Carsten Höller's current work exceeds the limits of what would traditionally be understood as sculpture and is too intentionally intrusive on the experience of the viewer to be simply considered architecture. Since the 1990's, Höller has created work that moves beyond his previous sculptural installations and incorporates interaction with the viewer. Höller's work is always more than a static installation, and inevitably involves life and motion. His ability to incorporate spectators and viewers as integral components of his site-specific art is what makes his genre-less work so unique.