Douglas Huebler «The Line Above» 1970.

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The line above is rotating on its axis at a speed of one revolution each day.

«The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.

I prefer, simply, to state the existence of things in terms of time and/or place.

More specifically, the work concerns itself with things whose interrelationship is beyond direct perceptual experience.

Because the work is beyond direct perceptual experience, awareness of the work depends on a system of documentation.

This documentation takes the form of photographs, maps, drawings, and descriptive language.»

~ Douglas Huebler, 1969.

When asked to write a short essay on the work of Douglas Huebler for this catalogue, I immediately said yes. That was quite a while ago, and now I sit here and scratch my head. I am finding it difficult to begin. ... There is an image, typically a quite mundane and recognizable one, accompanied by text which one would expect would elaborate on, or explain, the image. It does not do so. Instead, in Huebler's terms, the text collides or dances with the image. ... We crave familiarity and instead we are made dizzy. Like children in school we seek to please the erudite master, the one who orders, who renders in clear language the visual chaos of the world. ~ Mike Kelley, 1996.