Dragan Espenschied and Olia Lialina «Gravity» 2001.

submitted on Thu, 2006-04-13 06:44.


Question: What is the dramaturgy of the scrolling in GRAVITY?

Dragan Espenschied: It is about lifting things, traveling space and revealing connections that will lead to the next part of the piece. The midi music encourages the user to adopt a stylish navigation practise: If you do it right, by moving scrollbars in a certain speed, clicking links in time and using back and forward buttons, it becomes an HTML music video.


Question: What kind of material you used to make GRAVITY spectacular?

Dragan Espenschied: I used images i found on the web, a large part of them i had to manipulate quite a lot so they work as objects in the piece. For example NASA offers many pictures of rockets and astronauts, so do private pages of people interested in space travel. These sometimes huge photographs have to be sized down and cutted correctly to work on top of background images. Classical image collection sites are also still useful. They have all kinds of flags, lines, fire.



The music is an amateur adaption of Rozalla's 1992 UK hit single "Everybody's free to feel good" which can be found on many midi file collection sites.

Who exactly made all these files i composed GRAVITY of is not traceable. Most of these files have already been copied and used a thousand times on the web.



All together, the piece is 242832 bytes. With a special frameset construction i have all images preloaded so switching pages becomes smooth. The music is also put into this frame that stays there all the time, so it keeps on playing.

I tried to keep out any form of scripting from the code, but couldn't avoid it completely because of compatibility issues.

Source: teleportacia.org, drx.a-blast.org