David Fried «Self Organizing Still Life East River sounds New York» 2002.

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Self Organizing Still Life
with East River sounds New York, 2002

Whatever the scale or materials used for the Self Organizing Still Life (SOS), all of these works consist of solid spheres, which are stirred into motion by ambient sound on a predetermined level object. Audible sound is transformed live into waves that silently stimulate each of the spheres into motion. The resulting action of the individual spheres and their interactions with one another are undetermined. They rearrange themselves in continually new patterns of elegantly fluid choreography. Some kiss, some spin off alone, while others race head-on only to meet with a soft embrace, or swerve around one another, often changing the path and destiny of each other without physical contact, as each sphere is able to feel one another.
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Fried is able to give an individual character to each of the solid hand-made spheres, allowing them to respond and behave differently to live sound, though the artist is able to give each entire SOS a particular overall tendency of choreographic response. Like two people would dance differently to the same music, the spheres interact in a unique and live choreography directly initiated by its environment. When an acoustic signal is no longer detected, the spheres come to rest in ever-different constellations. (Still-Life)

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