Ed Lu «Piano Man» 2003.

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Astronaut Ed Lu, KC5WKJ, in the Hawaiian shirt, clowns at the electronic piano keyboard on the ISS while upside down as a somewhat puzzled-looking Yuri Malenchenko, RK3DUP, watches.

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Interview With Astronaut Ed Lu
Aired CNN June 17, 2003.

O'BRIEN: Let's get an e-mail in there from Bob Rayalt, who's in Gardner, Massachusetts: «Is it all work and no play on the space station? What do you do for recreation?» I was hoping, Ed Lu, that you would show us the keyboard, as you explain some of the things you do in your off hours.

LU: Off hours is not the right word. But we do have a keyboard up here. It was actually brought up a couple expeditions ago, battery powered and kind of nice. You can set it up and play various types of instruments. I usually leave it on the piano and I usually play when Yuri's down at the other end so I don't have to torture him too badly.

But I think one of our most fun things, at least what I like to do, is just to plain look out the window. You wouldn't believe how beautiful the Earth is at goes by, and you always see something interesting or different or something you didn't expect.

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