Thomas Gerhards «Shooting Toaster» (schießender Toaster) 1998.

submitted on Wed, 2006-04-19 00:11.

Shooting Toaster, 1998
toaster, iron construction, shockabsorbers, motor, battery charger, cable, toast.

The machine burns two pieces of toast black, shoots them out, and loads itself again with fresh toast. Firing occurs in a 20 minute rhythm.


related works:

Rotating Sofa, 1995
sofa, iron construction, electric motor, frequency control, concrete plate, rubber tires. cable.

The red sofa rotates around a fixed point with a speed of about 57 km/hr. Radius: 286,5 cm. 53 revolutions per second.


Two Washers (zwei Spülen), 1997
washing machines, iron constructions, windshieldwiper motors, battery charger, cable.

Two washing machines turn around appropriate axes, so that their sliding doors and drawers open and close.