Job Koelewijn «Panorama» 1999.

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Panorama 3000 performance 1999 - Early in the morning on the 4th of July, Job Koelewijn executed a performance titled Panorama 3000. On the highest point of the Domtower a man was hanging with a mirroring cube on his head. The mirroring cube reflected the surrounding sky as the man hung between heaven and earth. The man was not be able to see far, on the contrary, he will see nothing. His outlook is changed into the reflection of the surroundings.

Koelewijn installed a false floor and ceiling into the gallery, and sunk large circular trampolines into the floor, each corresponding to a black hole in the ceiling above.

Jump combined a formal elegance and rigour with the allure of physical experience, seducing the visitor to participate in the work, which was incomplete without their involvement.

Physically and conceptually ambitious, the installation challenged and developed Koelewijn’s practice but retained his key preoccupations and modes of investigation. The viewer's engagement with his work revealed a set of complex ideas combined with a gentle, sophisticated and philosphically-edged humour.