Ewen Chardronnet «Star City» 2003.

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Ewen Chardronnet films cosmonauts swimming in the neutral buoyancy pool of Star City, Russia. Where the cosmonauts train in water for extra-vehicular works, outside the International Space Station.

[Video - format 3GP - 4211Kb] NeutralBuoyancy video
Neutral Bouyancy, 2003.

[Video - format 3GP - 3628Kb] ZeroGProcedure4b1.mov
Zero-G Procedure, 2003.

The film Zero-G Procedure by Ewen Chardronnet presents the procedure of the zero-g training flights during the MIR Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research Campaign 2003 in Star City, Russia. Pre-flight and post-flight breefings, and few parabolas of 20 seconds of zero gravity. The small DV camera flies inside the plane. Ewen Chardronnet also perform with a placard in reference to the Association of Autonomous Astronauts: «See you in space» and «Stop Star Wars.»

source: archive.org