Claudia Reiche and Helene von Oldenburg «The Mars Patent» 2005.

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Reiche/Oldenburg, The Mars Patent animated, 2005

Have you ever dreamed of seeing works of art and theory on Mars? Now you can! THE MARS PATENT is an interplanetarian project founded by Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche. THE MARS PATENT invites you to experience culture on a fascinating and promising site. Millions of miles away the red planet, Mars, now lies within your reach. Since the early days THE MARS PATENT committee has been working hard to find a discriminating place for your desires which allows a new sight on Earth.

Dellbrügge/de Moll, Mars Translator 1
Dellbrügge/de Moll, Mars Translator 2
Mars Translator
Dellbrügge and de Moll
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THE MARS PATENT offers its MARS EXHIBITION SITE to you as a free experimental area and invites every thing which does not fit on Earth but tends towards Mars. A thing? A real thing? Could be your idea, your object, your work, your project, your desire.

Sculpture Nasa

THE MARS PATENT will take the full risk of handling, transporting and sustaining the concepts and objects up to MES, but can't take any guaranties for their condition on Earth.

Young Cow Liselotte
Young Cow Liselotte is Dreaming of Mars
Gisela Weimann
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Geographic Situation: Mars is a dry, cold and poisonous place. This planet offers opportunities of a landscape almost untouched by human hands and furthermore of terrific beauty. The Mars Exhibition Site is located on the planet Mars near the equator in the north of a lowland area named Elysium Planitia.

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Sylvia on Mars, video
Phyllis Green
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The two main geographic formations are the steep volcanic mountain Hecates Tholus and the bizarre Thalamus region. MES is a floating area run by theTHE MARS PATENT. Its slightly changing form is a strung-out rectangle. Think of an area of approximately 3148 square kilometers offering a wide range of altitudes and a rocky landscape filled with incredibly sized and shaped lava and stones as well as masses of sand and red dust.

Mars book
Mars book, time of desintegration
Anna Bardi
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Specific Conditions: THE MARS PATENT is a place for art and theory and sensible to its various concepts. THE MARS PATENT will exhibit projects, considering the special situation of the Mars Exhibition Site, e.g. geographic, geologic and metereologic aspects. THE MARS PATENT offers a suitable positioning for sculptures, internet relay chats, kinematic objects, art- and mediatheories, science fiction literature, videos, sound installations, manifestos, web-art etc. Remember, there are no walls on Mars!

Found Sculpture on Mars animated, 2005
Found Sculpture on Mars, 2005
Valéry Grancher
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Question. I'don't know where I am, when I look at the projects site: in cyberspace or on Mars? Where are the projects?
Answer. The projects are not on Mars, they are on the project site. Look at the 24 hours live video report to observe the Mars Exhibition Site.

Question. How can I send living material with the High Reality Machine to Mars?
Answer. We recommend strongly not to send any life form to Mars.