Axel Roch «The MoonPeace Project» 2005.

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Axel Roch, MoonPeace Project Counter-Monument for World Peace, 2005
Counter-Monument for World Peace, 2005

Various nations and states will fly to the moon within the next ten years:
India, Japan, Europe, and China. Chinese President Hu Jintao already
announced to broadcast MMS messages for mobile phones from the moon to the
world. We would like to counter these political, scientific, technical as
well as new economical efforts within global media and add or contribute
some art, design, and culture.

Therefore, we have developed the idea to create a second moon, somewhat
the size of a tennis-ball, equipped with small sun-light readable displays
and with various cameras for still images and video. This is to stage
novel ways of real-time interaction with orbit and in space via internet
and mobile phones, free and/or low-cost. We intend to re-use such a pico
satellite for a certain time period commercially. This will allow us to
continue to develop new events and we will be able to derive new
structures from such an artificial moon or pico satellite in order to
support, promote, and develop alternative media art and politics.

The MoonPeace Project is about a fake moon in real orbit and the
potentiality of such an artificial moon for real worlds.

Axel Roch, MoonPeace Project logo, 2005
The MoonPeace Project Logo, 2005

Our first and original idea was simple: we make and place a
quasi-perpetual monument for world peace on the moon.
Our second idea is more feasible: we put the same
monument for world peace, a sunflower like radio station,
as add-on onto an artistic and artificial moon. The
monument will radio fixed messages to the earth as long as
the pico-satellite is in orbit.

Axel Roch, MoonPeace Project Camouflage for Peace Activists, 2005
Camouflage for Peace Activists, 2005

In contrast to common satellites which are used for science, technology,
transmission of information, or surveillance, we have plans to create a
more cultural satellite designed by architects and artists. This satellite
will allow personal and mediabased interaction and communication through
small displays and cameras. The pico-satellite serves, so to say, equally
well as a public and virtual space travel for everybody. We enhance the
awareness of culture and art within the space science
and technology.

Axel Roch, MoonPeace Project Proposal for Artifical Moon, 2005
Proposal for Artifical Moon, 2005

«I think our nation should send a MMS from the moon to the earth within
this decade. No other single telecommunication project will impress mankind
in this time period more and will be, at the same time, of greatest
meaning to the long-term development of value-added services.» ~
Hu Jintao, President, Peoples Republic of China, 2005

Axel Roch, MoonPeace Project Screenshot 1, 2005
Axel Roch, MoonPeace Project Screenshot 2, 2005