James Turrell «Kielder Skyspace» 2000.

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James Turrell, Kielder Skyspace 1, 2000

Skyspaces are created by a careful balance between interior and exterior light. At Kielder, what appears to be a simple, clean circle of sky is an intricate and precise design of interior and exterior space. James Turrell's mathematical, aeronautical, architectural and philosophical nature is manifested in these beautiful pieces. Skyspaces have been designed and built in Ireland, Japan, Israel, Holland and France. They continue to attract large number of visitors.

James Turrell, Kielder Skyspace series, 2000

The Kielder structure is the first circular Skyspace to be constructed in the world. Skyspace is sited at Cat Cairn, a rocky outcrop commanding spectacular views, a couple of miles from Kielder village and eight miles from the Scottish border.

James Turrell, Kielder Skyspace yellow, 2000

Kielder Skyspace is a buried cylindrical chamber, entered through a tunnel and capped by a roof with a 3m diameter circular opening in its centre. Around the base of the inside wall is a continuous seat above which all surfaces have a white, visually uninterrupted surface. Behind the seating, low-energy light sources are arranged to give a continuous ring of ambient light illuminating the walls and ceiling.

Visitors to the Skyspace will find themselves in the middle of this clear, precise chamber. From the seating, the artist's precise manipulation of interior and exterior light causes the sky seen through the roof opening to seem an almost solid form. The Kielder Skyspace works on the measured and delicately balanced play between artificial, interior light and the northern natural light of the Kielder landscape. During the changing light conditions at dusk and dawn, visitors to the work can expect to experience a rich display of tone and colour.

James Turrell, Kielder Skyspace 2, 2000

source: kielder.org