Miguel Chevalier «Launched into Orbit» 1988.

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Miguel Chevalier, Launched into Orbit 2, 1988
Miguel Chevalier, Launched into Orbit 1, 1988
Launched into Orbit, 1988

Parabolic antennas and radars are today's symbols of communication, which have caught the artist's attention, given that they are the fruit of our highly technological society. Miguel Chevalier will present - with his digital photographies - the particular aesthetical vision inspired to him by the launching of satelites into orbit.

Miguel Chevalier, Telescopage, 1988
Telescoping, 1988

Telescopage is a video/digital installation that shows the evolution in means of transmission brought on by today's space exploration and the prevalence of interconnections. Telescopage also more broadly focuses on the relationship that each individual has with communication tools : telephone, fax, keyboard, screen, etc.

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