Aether Architecture «Satellite Behaviour Environments» 2001.

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Aether Architecture, Satellite Behaviour 2, 2001
One of the obstacles why artificial environments still lack the richness of natural ones is the complex behaviors of most things that exist around us. Virtual realities and artificial environments are more static than dynamic, or even if dynamic, only linear or other simple changes are implemented.

Therefore it could be interesting to develop a deeper understanding in natural behaviors and examine their nature, the spaces they inhabit. As the research continues it will be neccesary to deal with complex system analisys, a contemporary scientific method. designing this way could bring up other complex, unexplored areas, as noted by manuel delanda in his book, the thousand years of nonlinear history.

Aether Architecture, Satellite Behaviour 1, 2001
Aether Architecture, Satellite Behaviour 3, 2001

The phenomena research deals with two main issues. First, the philosophy of complexity explains the characteristics of complex systems, what natural behaviors themselves are, and collects the main axioms used in science today to describe such networks.
this is helpful in managing the evolutionary process of satellites and later the dynamic system of multiply satellites.
Second, research on the behavior of a single entity, is a collection of data about eel movement, or the eel locomotive behavior, and an experiment where scientist have reverse engineered the eel and recreated it artificially. used as a simple example, it is helpful to start modeling the satellites.