Addictive TV «Spaced Out» 2000.

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Addictive TV, Apollo Moon Launcher, 2000
Apollo Moon Launcher
Spaced Out video still.

Drawing on the accessible archives of NASA, Spaced Out started out as a collaborative project between some of the UK clubland's most respected VJs and visual artists. Artists, who between them, have provided visuals for the likes of The Orb, Paul Oakenfold, Fat Boy Slim, LTJ Bukem and Derrick May; and for clubs including London's Ministry of Sound and Turnmills, Liverpool's Cream, and Manchester's now demised but infamous Hacienda. The project was soon joined by a number of other pioneering artists, notably Brian Kane - one of the founding members of the US audiovisual outfit Emergency Broadcast Network and Ninja Tune's Coldcut, both of whom are amongst those credited with originating and pushing the boundaries of audiovisual mixing and remixing.

With this project, both the music producers and visual artists were given access to the same pool of archive footage to sample from and to give their own unique treatment to. And with such a varied range of styles, techniques and vision, twenty-six very different audiovisual tracks emerged.

[Video - format 3GP - 2022Kb] Addictive TV, Apollo Moon Launcher video, 2000
Apollo Moon Lounger, excerpt from Spaced Out.

Addictive TV, Spaced Out, 2000

Sampling four decades of out-of-this-world footage, from the Gemini era through to the Shuttle missions, Spaced Out evolved into a kind of audiovisual space odyssey of its own: deep chilled audiovisual electronica for the new century.

[Video - format 3GP - 2570Kb] Bottle and Rocket, Spaced Out, 2000
Bottle and Rocket excerpt, Spaced Out.

[Video - format 3GP - 447Kb] Full Speed Ahead, Spaced Out, 2000
Full Speed Ahead, excerpt, Spaced Out.

Addicitve TV, Spaced Out, 2000

Spaced Out Tracklisting:

Addictive TV and Geraint Hughes - Full Speed Ahead
Brian McClave and George Millward - Hubble
Coldcut - Spaced Junk
Hithersay and Fructose - Rocketscience
Reality Check and Geraint Hughes - Goal Oriented Teamwork in Action
Brian McClave and George Millward - Gimme Sky
Hithersay and Tolly - Close To The Edge
Addictive TV and Geraint Hughes - Discovery
Brian McClave and George Millward - Lucy (Sky)
Peeka and Geraint Hughes - Sure Is Pretty
Hithersay and Tolly - Exploration
Addictive TV and Geraint Hughes - Copy That
Stan Mytkowski and Qantic - Relativity
Hithersay and Geraint Hughes - Spectacular
Hithersay and Geraint Hughes - Flight Is Go
Peeka and Fructose - Go Boldly
Brian McClave and George Millward - Apollo Moon Lounger
Addictive TV and Geraint Hughes - Smile Fao
Brian Kane and David Fodel - 141 Hours
Addictive TV and Geraint Hughes - Moonshine
Brian McClave and George Millward - Bottle + Rocket
Coldcut and PirateTV dot net Crew - Cho Zen
Hithersay and Tolly - Orbit
Addictive TV and Quantic - Challenger
Brian McClave and George Millward - Conversation
Overscan and Fructose - Pineapple 9 From Outer Space