Alberto Collie «Spatial Absolutes» 1964-67.

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Alberto Collie, Spatial Absolutes, 1964

«Sculpture must defy gravity,» says Alberto Collie, and by using magnets he performs feats of levitation with objects made of aluminum, copper and magnesium. Though Collie's magnetized sculptures do not soar with full air borne freedom, they do hover and float above their pedestals, attached by almost imperceptible nylon strings. The effect is playful and magical-rather like Collie himself, who combines the hot-eyed zeal of a young Merlin with the twinkle-eyed grin of a boy with a toy. Collie, 25, calls his works Spatial Absolutes: spatial because they are floating in space, absolute because...

Alberto Collie created electromagnetic levitators for innovative sculptures called Spatial Absolutes. In his sculptures he employed titanium disks that float freely (that is, with no point of attachment) in an electromagnetic field. If the disk budges, a feedback system strengthens the field, thus keeping the disk in its state of equilibrium. It is reported that about 200 pieces were made and signed by the sculptor, Alberto Collie.

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