Ayako Ono «Lunar Base» 2005.

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Ayako Ono, Lunar Base 2, 2005

While infrastructural technologies in space are advanced, the environmental designs that support holistic human existence in space tend to lack the ability to stimulate the human senses, alienating humanistic integral ideas and abilities, commonly stated as “Art and Science.” To improve the quality of life simultaneously in space and on Earth, the importance of collaborations among experts who build the artistic, scientific, and technical space communities must be addressed.

Natural resources, such as edible plants, potable water tanks and natural lighting, could also be manipulated to form Public Art in the interiors of lunar bases or even for designing rooms in the International Space Station (ISS). Plants could be carefully positioned in nurseries and water could be beautifully diverted in pipes and tanks as a means of artistic expression.

Ayako Ono, Lunar Base 1, 2005

Ayako Ono, Pedestrian Subway, 2005
A Pedestrian Subway

The room's atmosphere is relaxing. Sunlight, water and plants are used as art materials.

Ayako Ono, Relax Zone, ISS, 2005

«Relaxation Gallery at the International Space Station can be used as an art gallery. Astronauts can relay even in this confined space, and artists could use this place as a new environment for expression. I am making this proposal as a result of talking directly to astronauts. They spoke about the noise of the fan and said that music is important.» ~ Ayako Ono.

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