Michael O'Malley «Psyche» 2002.

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Michael O'Malley, Psyche Rocket, 2002

This 'rocket' sculpture typifies Michael O’Malley’s desire to represent «imposters in a built environment.» According to O’Malley, «the identity of an object doesn’t necessarily help with the experience of it.»

Michael O'Malley, Psyche, 2002
Psyche, video still, 2001
From the Rocket Series DVD,
5:55min edition of 20

O'Malley, playing with architectural space, has created a surprisingly exhilarating experience with a walk-through maze of wood and plastic. Informed by computer games and sci-fi, the irregular passageways are open at the top and make the participant feel, as they stroll through, as if their head is a detached entity, traveling on some kind of mechanized track.

Michael O'Malley, Psyche rocket and DVD, Smart Projects, 2002
Rocket DVD, Crafting Space, 2004
Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Michael O'Malley, Psyche rocket DVD, 2002

Michael O'Malley, Psyche installation detail, Smart Projects, 2002

Michael O'Malley, Psyche rocket series DVD stills, 2002

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