Antoine Schmitt «Venus Number 1» 1998 - 2003

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Antoine Schmitt Venus screenshot 1

Venus Number 1 dances on music. It prefers jazz,classical, electro and slow techno. Insert a CD in your computer, or play music in the microphone, and this sound-responsive 'artificially' intelligent screen creature will like it.

[Video - format 3GP - 40Kb] Antoine Schmitt Venus screenmovie

In silence, or when Venus Number 1 does not hear any sound, she waits while wandering slowly, in her own way. Through her very peculiar sound perception, she gives us another lecture of music and sounds. Venus Number 1 has appeared in installations, performances and concerts.

Antoine Schmitt Venus screenshot 2

Venus Numbeer 1 was created in 1998 and exhibited live in the Zoo Gallery in Nantes, France. Visitors where invited to play their favorite CDs to Venus.

[Video - format 3GP - 71Kb] Antoine Schmitt Venus 0 screencapture

[Video - format 3GP - 278Kb] ASchmitt, Venus perform vid
Venus Number 1 live recording in August 1999 for the event The Night of Stars at the Astronomy Center St. Michel Observatory with vincent Eggplay and Yael Porlan.