Jason Rogenes «Project 5.07q» 2004.

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Jason Rogenes takes his cues and his materials from the dumpsters behind the chain stores of our great nation, in which styrofoam and cardboard amass in unfathomable piles at the end of a day's deliveries.
Unlike the Minimalists of the 1960s who used industrial processes to create objects that looked like products of industry, Rogenes begins where the logic of industry breaks down, at the excretion end of the cycle of consumption. The Styrofoam forms he selects open up a sense of mystery in familiar images and forms, a landscape filled with postconsumer waste and a mind packed with the processed commodities of the pop-culture industry. ~ from Philip Martin.


With Project 5.07q:JPC3C38173E4, JPC24311284, Trillons, Plugformer 11.08, Rogenes utilizes fresh materials discarded by computer and liquor stores to construct pristine and meticulous fighter ships that resemble crafts from Star Wars and cardboard pods fashioned in geometric shapes large enough to walk through. By using such materials to replicate real space shuttles and related objects, Rogenes invokes a sense of nostalgia that relates back to the days when model building was a popular pastime. In his particular form of model making, Rogenes’ use of throwaway items makes a bold comment on consumerism and our society’s values. The artist equates the worth of packing materials with the items they protect.

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