Sensorium «BeWare01 Satellite» 1997.

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Sensorium, BeWare01 Satellite 1 photo, 1997
BeWare01 Satellite
released September 1997

BeWare01 Satellite is a living object that reflects conditions on earth as perceived by the NOAA polar orbital satellite from an altitude of 800 kilometers. Photographic images of the earth's surface from NOAA's most recent orbit are projected on a 9 by 160-centimeter plate, changing at the speed the satellite travels. The infrared images are analyzed as temperature data, which is used to control Peltier devices attached to the underside of the plate. By touching the plate, one can feel the actual temperature of the parts of the globe presently shown.

Data transmission is conducted through the Internet, yet the interface is not necessarily limited to the Web browser or conventional computer terminal. BeWare01 Satellite is another sensorium attempt to expand means of expression using the Internet, as well as to stimulate our perception of the living world.

Sensorium, BeWare01 Satellite 3 photo, 1997
Sensorium, BeWare01 Satellite 2 photo, 1997