Sensorium «Star Place» 1996.

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Sensorium, Star Place illustration, 1996

Star Place was launched with the idea of creating a site whereby visitors could experience the universal sense of time and space in their lives as opposed to cyberspace. The Earth is flying through the universe. We do not experience the sensation of flying, but we know the Earth spins around the sun because of night and day, and the seasons. The Earth's speed - 30 kilometers per second - is much faster than anything we can feel. This fact amazed us the most. We tried to create a Web site that would express our emotions simply.

On the night of August 12 every year, you can see pinpoints of light fly through the night sky everywhere in the world. These are dust particles that lie in the path of the earth as it speeds through its orbit around the sun. The particles burn up in our upper atmosphere, becoming what we have come to know as shooting stars. It just so happens that the point through which the earth passes on August 12 is full of these particles.
For the astronomical show called the Perseid meteor shower, sensorium and artist KINOCLINIC have come together for a collaborative project. The title of this project is The Star Songs [].

Sensorium and Kinoclinic, The Star Songs 1 illustration, 1996
Sensorium and Kinoclinic, The Star Songs 2 illustration, 1996
Sensorium and Kinoclinic, The Star Songs 4 illustration, 1996

The Star Songs 5: The Fall
«I fall for you with my burning heart
But you never hold me I know from the start
Let me turn around you with the beauty of line
My precious sun, do you still don't mind?»

words and illustration: Kinoclinic