Gutai «Astronomical Artworks» 1956-72.

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Gutai, Kanayama 3
Akira Kanayama

Akira Kanayama, once an active member of the Gutai Art Society, has actively drawn astronomical paintings since 1990. Retaining his fascination with astronomy from the time of his youth, he even attended a lecture by the famous Russian astronomer George Gamow (1904-1968), he devotes his energies to a new type of work that combines science and art.

Gutai, Kanayama 1
Gutai, Kanayama 2
Gutai, Kanayama 4
Gutai, Kanayama 5
Akira Kanayama

Gutai was formed in the late 1950s in the Kansai region by such distinguished figures as Yosshihara Jiro, Kanayama Akira, Murakami Saburo, Shiraga Kazuo, and Shimamoto Shozo. The group's activities anticipated the great changes that Western art underwent in the early 60s, such as happenings and action painting. Shimamoto may have been the first composer of the period to work with concrete sounds. In this article, the artist, who is still based in Kansai and has become ever more active, introduces his sound work. In 1957, our group, Gutai, gave the Gutai Stage Exhibition, which for the first time in the world used a stage as an exhibition space, and the following year, the second Gutai Stage Exhibition was held. Despite the word stage, our performances lacked any of the literary qualities of normal drama, and were limited purely to the presentation of art. Yet, they were presented on the stage, and were based on time; in other words, they were art that changed. For this event, I decided to make something called The Film That Doesn't Exist Anywhere in the World. ~ Shimamoto Shozo.

Gutai, Yoshihara Jiro, Défi au soleil du plein été, 1955
Yoshihara Jiro, Défi au soleil du plein été

Gutai, Kanayama, Pas, 1956
Kanayama, Pas

Gutai, Tanaka Atsuko, Personnages
Tanaka Atsuko, Personnages