Gianni Motti «Tranquility Base» 1999.

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Gianni Motti, Tranquility Base 1, 1999
Tranquility Base, 1999

The work Tranquility Base represents a life-size replica of the American flag on the Moon. It is both ready-made and a symbol of American territorialisation.

Gianni Motti, Tranquility Base 2, 1999
Gianni Motti, Tranquility Base 3, 1999
Copy of the American flag raised on the moon, Collection Rudy Ricciotti

The works of Gianni Motti are exceptional in every sense, in their form as much as in their content. Their effect is similar to a series of meticulous interventions, mostly outside the arts world, infiltrating reality or interfering with the daily actuality of the media.
Gianni Motti is a genius in the appropriation and manipulation of ordinary day to day events which reverberate in forms of absurd and ironic interference and transform into an instrument of both, social and political protest.
Furthermore, he is also claiming the appearance of certain phenomena, particularly natural but also accidental ones, that go far beyond the limited actions of the human condition. His interventions can affect decision-making structures (as for example the UNO), sports events as well as natural events. For Gianni Motti, art competes with reality, in which it is profoundly anchored, it is reality or even simpler - it is life.