Jacques Tati «Trafic» 1971.

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Jacques Tati, Trafic, Apollo 11 scene still, 1971

In Trafic, color, 90 minutes, Tati returns as Monsieur Hulot, this time playing an automobile designer. The film was made in 1969, as NASA's Apollo 11 astronaut crew were about to land and walk on the moon. In fact, as that day and time arrived, for Earthlings, on television, an actor playing an auto mechanic runs out of his garage shouting "astronauts, astronauts" waving for Tati to rush in to see the Moon landing event in real time on a black and white television.

[Video - format 3GP - 134Kb] Jacques Tati, Trafic, Apollo 11 astronaut clip, 1971

[Video - format 3GP - 264Kb] Jacques Tati, Trafic, Apollo 11 moon landing clip, 1971

Trafic signals the 'quantum leap' in the transport business, on Earth as to the Moon, and the bustling, wacky beginning to the era of globalization. However, the hi-tech modern gadgets and instruments built in to the zooped up camper M. Hulot was asked to escort to an important European auto show did not of course work out to be as useful or trusty as those on board the Apollo spacecraft and lunar landing module.

[Video - format 3GP - 78Kb] Jacques Tati, Trafic, Apollo 11 astronaut imitate clip, 1971

source: tribunes.com, tativille.com, frenchculture.org

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