Orbit Gaze Notes

submitted on Tue, 2006-05-02 13:28.

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Participatory Private ØRBITs

10.01.06 : 3am

0rb1t is an empty screen. It passes input to output. It gets fed. We feed it. And it emerges. Sometimes over again.

0rb1t is frequency. A clock and a route, a traject. Does it bind space with time at its core?
APIs and RSS tagging feed the screen via autopoetic semantic character aggregates.

Feeds trigger objects - launching messages SMSes MMSes Bluetooth files into orbit behind which the mechanism blends spacially in 3D otherwise flat yet photographic cut-outs.

Every launch returns its follower at some later time perhaps weeks using asimilar channel, SMS or Jabber automatically.

What does orbit or 0rb1t look like? we 0nly possess a certain vastness of territory within our self-imposed virtual grasp for health’s sake, only diffuse our imagined avatar homunculus. 0rb1t looks to D&G like a face i suppose. Just a deep black hole and an endless white wall.