Art and Levitation Project

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I have a multi-layered artistic interest. I am enthusiastic with the opportunities offered by the latest technological inventions. I use these innovations socio-chritically and in an experimental way as well. My works of art are integrated through their conceptual content and minimal use of materials. I often take benefit of elements like light, colours, motion and electronic gadgets in my sculptures, which make them to be interpreted rather as installations with their surroundings and the involvement of the viewers.

My most recent project is the result of 5 years of work: an installation applying electromagnetic levitation. With this particular kinetic sculpture I created a new planet, on which life can be possible to exist. The installation called Border contain a new planet, with soil, and plants on it, which is set on an orbit around an artificial sun. It is a planet, on which the initial forms of life can be traced, which is an indication of endless human fantasy, as well as destruction. The whole installation features an experiment playing with procreation in laboratory circumstances.

The Art and Levitation Project based on the fact, that levitation is now reality, what is more, a technologically working, and applicable phenomenon. Using it in sculpting, however, can bring up brand new opportunities. According to traditional European approach, sculptures are three dimensional objects, standing on the ground, obeying gravity. Objects floating in the air, refusing to accept gravity as one of the main powers of nature, can be viewed as tools in seeking connection between the material and spiritual worlds. Sculptures stalled on the ground or the ones separated from it but still based on gravity are of essential connection between the soil and the material, in other words they grow out of it. 20th century hanged sculptures symbolize the connection with the sky, and are of metaphysical coherence. This way, floating objects bring on new thoughts and opportunities.

The first piece of this series is a huge black block called „001”, the shape is a human size, so it is reflex to the tradition of the European Sculptors witch is used the human rate as a basic. The floating shape is a sphere, who is scooped out of the block and so it is moved away. The block seems heavy, because of the dark colour, and the painting makes materialness the construction, witch is originally made by wood, and plastic, or the black colour rather makes them together, like they are one, they are the Material.

The title of the second work is „The zero gravity stress cause sexual exaltation” a NASA alludes to a fact established during research, onto the result of the watch happening to the fleas taken out into the space. The fleas started fast reproduction in the anti-gravitational space, uniform evolutionary urge, for the survival truth as the part of fight.

The third installation I made it for a Hungarian sculptor's Tibor Vilt (1905-1983) respect. He gave me the idea, and the inspiration to play experimental and look after new opportunities and which ones the borders of the sculpture may be expanded. Tibor Vilt made a large-scale idea in 1973, his purpose to build a composition, inside of a bullet garland become a throb state because of an electromagnet with little energy made. His plan, which he handed in onto the Hungarian Embassy of Brazil sculpture application, was not accepted unfortunately, but mentions that he imagined the implementation with a electromagnet in his letter written onto the application. The sculpture would have worked with this technique, on the principle on which the today's Japanese trains work. Onto these technical solutions during the examination of the newest scientific results I found it out, and with this provable, that Tibor Vilt sculpture feasible!

I did not realise his idea at the sculpture put on onto Tibor Vilt respect , but I summons his design in the portrait. The modelling rack attribute, and relating onto Vilt Rack and a sculpture's series. The used technique refer the artists who interests into the experimental ways. All this placed on top of his head, tips out from the usual one. Plays for this onto him onto the wall was tackling white tube, you are as a plank can be interpreted, everything suggests the take-off in a case in this manner. I would like to express my high respect with his spirituality so I used gold painting. The floating body is set out from his self-portrait (1926), together with the Musing sculpture(1963), which affected the plane-like plastic. This form the first steps one, when we wish to provide space to the plane, I mean we invest a contour with a depth. Vilt was enthusiastic about the Egyptian sculptures, which were beginning with the cutting of the outline likewise, and a lot accrued to us in this initial state just, unfinished.

Tibor Vilt respect my arranged individual exhibition consisted of three sculptures opened in the Parthenon-frieze hall in Budapest on March in 2006. On the exhibition opening, which one my master György Jovánovics introduced, called, I shall exchange two floating bodies. The interactive nature of my works not only came to light by way of this short act row, but the rings changeable his opportunity. Altogether nine of the variations of the three objects exhibited there are possible in this manner.

I created a floating book for a particular event in 2008. Open1 is the headline of my installation, as I'd like the viewers know, this is an interactive object, that is, everybody can touch, or open it. The title is important because of the lot of meanings. The first thirty pages contain my works of art up to now, and are followed by hundreds of closed ones, symbolizing my future, and plans. The book is a little bit open, between the past and the future, so, at the present.

“Flow” the psychology understands the optimal balance state of the ability and the challenge. Uniform ideal consciousness state, to experience fantastic feeling, but to get away continual again heavier, we may have the performance with the increase of his level only. The human brain formally, and I consider it interesting one symbolical. I would like to demonstrate the knowledge, which stands for our provision, by this symbol. The plastic moves from time to time due to the applied technique, what gives a living association to the sculpture.

The silver painted wood sculptor (Essence) use two pattern. One of them is the negative of my body, and a shape with hole. Both of just a piece of the whole, because my face is my self portrait, and the shape with hole is cut from a ball, and it is look like a universe sign. The hole is opening the space, and the air is going inside, so the floating piece is always move.

I connected continuous space and a punctured form to mirrors, in the installation called Black Hole. The circle always spin because of the air is going through the hole. I have been working with the research of the artistic use of the flotation and his development for five years, so I planned this work, that onto first glance a researcher device makes an impression.

I did not close the series yet. I concentrate my attention on the development areas now. I am watching the new technical opportunities continuously, and I am searching in the topic. Researches not only technical, but you leaked on art historical space. The research I publish in the page. Further informations please visit the on a side.

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