Jane and Louise Wilson «View Below Energia Launch» 2000.

submitted on Sat, 2006-03-18 02:11.

View Below Energia Launch / Pad Proton, Unity, Energy, Blizzard, 2000
C-print on Aluminium
180 x 180 cm
Lisson Gallery.

The installation Proton, Unity, Energy, Blizzard is a pure exploration of architecture. Proton, Unity, Energy, Blizzard, shows the Cosmodrome of Baikonur in the south of Kazakstan. It was from Baikonur that in 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first man to be launched into space. The title of the work refers to the three launch sites that appear in the film. Proton, a military site, Unity (Soyuz), the site for manned missions to space, and Energy (Energia), which was designed to carry the Russian space shuttle Blizzard (Buran). The opening shots show the launch site of Energy and Blizzard, now abandoned for over ten years. The film then changes to the operational Proton launch site.

source: kw-berlin.de