Alan Bean «Astronaut Paintings»

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Alan Bean, Feelin' Fine

[Video - format 3GP - 1195Kb] Alan Bean at work in studio video

Alan Bean, Rock'nRoll sketch 2

Alan Bean, video astronaut

Alan Bean, Mountains of the Moon

Alan Bean, My Brother Jim Irwin

[Audio 250Kb] Alan Bean voice from Apollo 12 mp3

Alan Bean, Heavenly Reflections

Alan Bean, Mankind Rock

Alan Bean, Hammer and Feather

Alan Bean, Giant Leap

Alan Bean, Astronaut and Moonwalker, Original Paintings, Moonprints in the Paint. Actual pieces of Apollo and the moon itself make up these unique treasures. And then there is the painting itself, a historic remembrance from the only space artist among only a dozen moonwalkers. In recent years he began incorporating bits of gold foil insulation from his Apollo hatch in the surface, and also crumbled, scorched bits of the protective heatshield from Apollo 12. He even imbeds precious snippets from his lunar suit patches, themselves saturated with the powdery moondust from his own time spent on the surface of another world. He prepares his painting surface with a plaster-like coating of thick acrylic paste. While still wet, he textures and imprints the surface with all manner of his lunar tools, including his lunar hammer and a core tube bit for example. Mankind RockThis is Gene Cernan as he was near the end of the moonwalk of Apollo 17. He and astronaut-geologist Jack Schmitt had completed most of their work and were just gathering final equipment and samples, putting them aboard the lunar module. At this point, Gene turned toward the television camera and said, «Jack has picked up a very significant rock, composed of many fragments of many sizes and many shapes, probably from all parts of the moon, probably billions of years old. But a rock of all sizes and shapes and even colors that had grown together to become a cohesive rock, outlasting the nature of space, sort of living together in a very coherent, very peaceful manner. We'd like to share a piece of this rock with many of the countries throughout the world. We hope that this will be a symbol of what our feelings are.» Then they continued their preparations for leaving the moon. ~ Alan Bean, From the caption on the back.

Heavenly Reflections: «I have painted Pete Conrad and myself 239,000 miles from Earth during the Apollo XII mission standing on the Ocean of Storms, looking homeward. He is the best astronaut I have ever known. As we looked up, the sky was a deep, shiny black. As I touched Pete's shoulder, I thought 'can all the people that we know or have seen or have heard of be up on that tiny blue marble?' It was a wonderous moment».

Mankind Rock 14" x 18" framed. Acrylic on aircraft board, heavily textured and imbedded with moondust. Comes double-framed with documentation. Price $34,500 SOLD.

John and Charlie Claim A Piece of the Rock. One of the rocks in the field of view looked interesting and the geologists asked John and Charlie to take a sample of the soil adjacent to the base of the rock, and if possible a piece of the rock itself. They have just completed their first task. The scoop that Charlie used to gather the soil can be seen leaning against the rock. Everyone wants a 'piece of the rock', even on the moon, so we see John knocking off a rather large sample with his hammer. Acrylic on aircraft board, heavily textured and imbedded with moondust.