Angelika Middendorf «Outer Space» 1999.

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Angelika Middendorf, Outer Space, 1999

The video shows a computer-controlled unit for reality simulation: an 'endless pool' - a treadmill for swimmer - becomes observable from the underwater perspective. The perfected movement of the swimmer shows one endlessly repeated perfect butterfly stroke. The cable outside of the swim-channel continuous inside and is strapped to the swimmer's waist, leg and left foot, where a camera is buckled on. Hereby the real view of the swimmer is extended axially by the electronic view of the camera. Outer Space neither shows the extended electronic view nor the real view of the swimmer. The viewer is only to be confronted with the adapted scientific view through the observable swim-channel. The material for analysis transforms to a multilayered metaphor within the repetetive action of the swimmer - the shift of the dimensions within the perception of time and space.

[Video - format 3GP - 33Kb] Angelika Middendorf, Outer Space video, 1999
Outer Space, 1999
1-channel video, 1.20 sec. loop, color, sound, PAL.
Presentation variable: screening, monitor.