Mona Hatoum «Socle du monde» (Base of the World) 1992-93.

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Mona Hatoum, Base of the World, 1992-3
Socle du monde (Base of the World) 1992-93
wooden structure, steel plates, magnets and
iron filings, 163.6 x 199.5 x 199.5 cm.
Collection Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

«Another major sculptural work included in the exhibition was Socle du Monde 1991-92, an homage to Piero Manzoni, whose work of the same title was itself dedicated to Galileo.»

«The piece consists of a large metal cube covered with metal filings which cling to magnets on the surface of the cube. The magnetic attraction and repulsion forces the filings into a convoluted, intestine-shaped pattern suggestive of a teeming organism.»