Javier Téllez «Socle du monde» (Base of the World) 1999-2005.

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Javier Tellez, Socle du monde, 1999-2005

Javier Téllez's Socle du Monde (Base of the World) 1999, refashions Piero Manzoni's work of the same title as a 5'x 5'x 5' red, helium-filled balloon. The original is a simple, iron plinth resting on the ground. Its inverted text reads Socle du Monde, Socle Magic No. 3 de Piero Manzoni—1961—Homage à Galileo (Base of the World, Magic Base No. 3 by Piero Manzoni—1961—Homage to Galileo.) Subtitling his work an homage to Galileo, Manzoni was slyly making the absurd proclamation that the entire earth is a sculpture. Defying gravity, Téllez's balloon refutes Manzoni’s gesture, denying an institutionally conceived category of art its claim to the world. Capped by a ceiling, Téllez's piece suggests that the power of art extends only as far as its immediate context, which is not to say that art is any less powerful. If anything, art could be seen as more powerful when striving for rather than achieving transcendence.

Javier Tellez, Socle du monde, 1999-2005
from The Here and Now, 01/16/-02/20/2005
Renaissance Society, Chicago, USA.

source: renaissancesociety.org